Imagination Mothers who or such or understood the communicative nature of the child most often in the handbags have the whole arsenal of various knickknacks: some keys, small brilliant balls and so on in time to occupy with them the kid.

It is the main way of its calm and motivation to cooperation.

Imagination for them the main tool in life and in feeling of the prirokda.

Therefore surplus information, a big flow of information, in particular television, for them razrushiktelno.

They lose the ability natural, inherent in them to create and project the future and the future of people.

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Boys are usually

Boys are usually When the child is two years old At this age it is possible to leave it for two days in a week with the acquaintance and the reliable tutor.

In two and a half years of the girl can be given to yaselny groups with high quality of leaving.

Boys are usually not ready to be in groups till three years.

Resort to group leaving only if the child easily gets used to it, leave children in a day nursery for short term, no more than for half a day.

Some children cannot be in groups till three and more years at all.

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She fell

She fell The princess recovered, her grief left forever.

She fell in love is young shudirizher, and they celebrated a wedding.

On this holiday all kingdom walked, and musicians played wonderful music, and all rejoiced and laughed.

During fun the tsar asked the groom: That you told musicians, before you started playing?

What cured my daughter?

The young man smiled and answered: I told them that it is not musical an instra cops, and in unity of hearts.

I asked them with to edinit the love to music, the talent and the desire to help prin to tsessa.

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Go to bed. Go to sleep. I also

Go to bed. Go to sleep. I also And the more diligent we try, the it is more they resist.

I know that there were times, when my own children perceived me as enemy the one who on stoyanno forces them to do what they do not want: Wash up hands.

Use a napkin.

More silently.

Hang up jackets.

You made homework?


You it is sure, what cleaned teeth?


Return and lower in toilet.

Put on pajamas.

Go to bed.

Go to sleep.

I also was that who did not allow them to do what they wanted to do: Do not eat with hands.

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The idea

The idea The idea which is that development of the very small children can be healthy only when during the day one cares of them and only one person their mother, now it is already accurately disproved by researches explain St.

Petersburg Elfer and Dorothy Sellek, the senior development inspectors in From business of the early childhood of National children's committee.

One to importance of the reliable, responsible and reacting adults still significantly is confirmed as researches, and clinical certificates.

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